Manufacturers' Representatives

Simplex Day Tank
OMNTEC Proteus
Mission Critical Fuel Systems

Fuel Storage Tanks
Since 1941, Metal Products Company is a go to provider for factory fabricated Aboveground and Underground fuel storage tanks as well as oil/water separators for stormwater capture.

Tank Gauges & Leak Detection
OMNTEC® Mfg., Inc., is an Internationally recognized manufacturer of leak detection and gauging products for the petroleum industry.

For over 30 years OMNTEC has been keeping an eye on customer needs, providing reliable, ruggedly constructed, cost-effective products that help customers meet changing industry requirements and EPA regulations.

Flexible Stainless Steel Fuel Piping
BRUGG PIPESYSTEMS produces UL1369 listed flexible stainless steel piping systems for retail gasoline filling stations, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), marinas, data centers and industrial applications such as emergency generator installations.

Fuel Storage, Transfer and Control Systems
Simplex products are installed in some of the most demanding, mission critical environments in companies like Cummins, Caterpillar, General Electric, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Boeing and all branches of the United States military. Many hospitals, schools and public utilities throughout the country also rely on Simplex products to provide emergency backup electrical power

Fuel Filtering & Polishing
Since 1994, RCI has been a leading provider of in-line fuel purifiers, filters, coalescers and hybrid filtration as well as a provider of mobile fuel polishing carts and skids.

Oil/Water Separators
AquaClean oil/water separators are proven oil spill capture vessels utilized to meet stormwater runoff regulations